Visit Miami

Miami is the capital of Latin America and the southernmost city in the continental United States. Whether you're looking for a new place to call home, or just looking for an adventure destination, Miami can offer something for everyone. Check out our top 5 reasons as to why people are flocking here every day.

1) It's impossible not to love Miami's weather! The temperature ranges between 60-100 F (16-38 C), with a humidity of about 75%. Considering that Miami usually receives a lot of rain, this is not surprising!
2) It's melting away the winter blues! When it is at its hottest in Florida during summer, you can find Miami as the sun sets.
3) It's an international city. Yet, you won't hear English being spoken around here. Miami is home to people from all around the world, making it a multicultural and global melting pot.
4) It's the place to be for nightlife! Whether you are looking for a sophisticated lounge bar or just want to dance the night away, Miami is your place!
5) It's an international business hub. You won't be surprised that many international companies have their headquarters here. That includes Sony, Bacardi, Cartoon Network Latin America (CNLA), Microsoft and Bacardí.

When is the best time to visit Miami?

Miami has a humid subtropical climate with short rainy seasons. The average July high temperature in Miami is around 89°F (33°C) while the average January high temperature is about 69°F (21°C). If you want to avoid rain and humidity, November through March are some of the best months to visit for a sunny trip without the sweating.

Sunset in Miami

Things to know before your trip to Miami!

There are many fun things to do in Miami, but you should be prepared with this list of important information before your trip!
1. Miami is hot! Make sure to pack clothes that can keep up with the heat. If you forget anything, there are shops in Miami and even malls that sell clothes for travelers on the way out to the airport.
2. The driver will not turn on your car's AC unless you request it beforehand because of the high costs for gas and electricity in Florida. This means make sure to check if your hotel has air conditioning or invest in a cooling band for long drives around town.
3. Enjoy the beach . You will find the beach and airport are very close to each other in Miami, so make sure to either pack swimsuits or rent them at the airport before you leave.
4. Take the many food options into account when planning your trip. You can easily find restaurants that serve any type of cuisine from around the world. If you plan on eating vegetarian, there is a ton of great options in Miami!
5. Check out some cool tours as well! There is an audiovisual museum called "The Biennial" that has tours that last anywhere from one hour to two hours long depending on if you go self guided or with a tour guide.

What to do in Miami?

Art Deco District

Miami is a beautiful city with plenty to do during your visit. Whether you’re looking for the perfect party, an exclusive shopping experience, or just to explore many of the attractions, there are few places better than Miami. It’s no wonder it has become one of the most popular cities in America. There are plenty of things for visitors to enjoy and enjoy while they're here such as:

Florida Bay

- The beautiful beaches along Florida Bay that stretch for miles
- Shopping at mega department stores like Macy's or Dillard's - Which stocks everything from tourist souvenirs to luxury goods
- Popular shopping strips and streets like Lincoln Road and Coral Way.
- Dining at up-market restaurants like Fogo de Chão and the China Grill, which are located in the densely commercial areas of Miami
- And plenty of places to enjoy the nightlife with famous clubs like Story Nightclub or Mansion.

While in Miami, you’ll find that South Beach is a popular place for tourists to explore. You won’t be able to walk down a street before running into another tourist restaurant or club. It’s big business in Miami and it’s one reason why so many people visit each year. If you want to have a good time during your trip, then South Beach is your place.

When in the city, you’ll find plenty of things to do. You can stroll along beautiful Miami Beach, up and down the world-famous Collins Avenue, or simply dine and shop at some of Florida’s most popular shopping plazas. The city is a favorite attraction for tourists in every season with its warm weather and mild year-round temperatures.