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Seychelles Beach

Seychelles is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With its tropical climate, white sandy beaches and crystal-blue water, this paradise is perfect for a getaway. Seychelles also has much more to offer than just its striking landscapes; the small nation boasts colorful cultures, unique wildlife, and fascinating customs. And while most people think Seychelles is a place only for honeymooners or romantic couples looking for a retreat, that perception couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, Seychelles offers visitors excellent opportunities to explore on your own terms.

Seychelles from above

The Seychelles are a group of 115 islands in the Indian ocean located 1,200 nautical miles east of Africa. Its capital is Victoria. Seychelles is an archipelago consisting of 115 islands: Aldabra, the largest; North and Middle Islands; and Desroches, Espérance, Mahé and Praslin. The capital Victoria Island is the only one inhabited by humans.

Seychelles has superb beaches due to its ideal marine climate . This climate can be defined as tropical swamp with oceanic influence. It is the reason why this country is considered one of the most beautiful and comfortable places on Earth. The temperature ranges between 30°C in the winter to 36°C in the summer, with an average of 29°C, and has a very low humidity.

Seychelles Beaches

The beaches are totally free from any form of pollution ,and are supplied by natural springs . There are many spectacular beaches throughout all of Seychelles. The whitest beach on earth is located in Anse Chalateau on La Digue . Nestled at the bottom of a ravine is this stunning beach, which has been voted the best beach in Seychelles.

The main attraction is the crystal clear waters and the golden sands. There are also many islands that offer excellent leisure activities like sailing, snorkeling and diving, wind surfing, and kayaking .

Seychelles Wildlife

Seychelles has a wide range of wildlife with many different types of rare and endemic animals . Four species of giant tortoises- Aldabra, Seychelles, Radiated and Madagascar- coexist on the islands. They also have more than 60 species of birds including the rare Seychelles Black Parrot, which is famous throughout the world for its intelligence. The magnificent Coco de Mer palm is also native to this country and considered a living fossil from the Jurassic times. They have several species like black parrots, red parrots, white cockatoos, and pigeons; all these are very common around the country. Some of the rarest is the Atlantic blue devil, which can be found only in this country. There are also other endangered species of birds like the Black-headed Albatross and Flesh-footed Shearwater.

Seychelles Marine Life

Seychelles boasts a rich marine life. The Pisces region is a vast area of approximately 200 km that has a depth range of 400 to 1,000m and is located about 150km north of Mahé Island. This place is known for its over 200 species of fish and other sea creatures. The underwater caves that are present on this region have been formed due to the erosion that occurs due to ocean currents and tides.

The Seychelles has many geological wonders as well.

The Vallée de Mai (Valley of May) is the westernmost point in Africa. This site is situated on the northwest coast of Praslin Island and is surrounded by terraced palm plantations. It has a spectacular coastline that has an irregular pattern of beaches and jungles backed by steep hills. The valley was named after the flowering plants that occur there during its spring season from May to October. Another beautiful attraction in Seychelles is the Grand Anse beach, which forms part of Seychelles' western coastline. Boasting glittering sands and lush green vegetation, this beach offers a stunning view of Praslin Island's mountains and fishing villages.

Tourists can enjoy outdoor activities at Big Sands, which is situated on the northeastern coast of Praslin Island. It offers the perfect setting for beach sports and water sports like surfing and swimming. Seychelles is also a great place to enjoy an active life style; water skiing, jet skiing, yachting, and boating are some of the most famous activities to be enjoyed here. Fishing can also be done in the calm waters.

There are several wonderful things to do in Seychelles; these include visiting one of their beautiful islands, snorkeling and diving with or without a guide ,the people are very friendly. You can also go to Avis de Vous swimming and diving. You will enjoy their buffet lunch, which has been designed for your enjoyment. They have facilities for snorkeling, scuba diving and jet skiing .

Seychelles Wildlife

Another thing you can see is the rich wildlife of the islands. The rare species of tortoises here are a must see. There are more than 60 types of rare birds here too, as well as other animals like lizards and monkeys. One of the most famous things to do is to go canoeing at Anse Source D'Argent beach which is located on La Digue island. They offer many fun-filled activities like horse riding, biking and hiking to name a few.

Go to a restaurant, enjoy cuisine from Seychelles, for a special treat. This will include fresh fish, lobster or crayfish, Prawns or crabs, eggs, vegetables like zucchinis or tomatoes. They don't have pork or beef. And also included on the menu are chicken meat. The dessert is always vanilla ice-cream (grisette in French). That's why they say there's no such thing as a bad day.

Eat at the local restaurants at one of their beautiful islands. The local cuisine is very simple and not much known outside the country. This is mainly because the tourists are not interested in food, and they don't know what to do when they get there. Still, you have a lot of options on of a specialized nature like seafood, coconut or fruits. And as such, almost every island has its own specialty dish which can be found even at the small beach restaurants.

Seychelles has many places where you can eat seafood . There are also many restaurants making it very difficult to choose where to eat depending on your taste and preference.