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It might sound like an overused cliche, but Los Angeles truly is a city of lights. It's a throbbing metropolis on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, where even Hollywood stars are swept up in the frenzy. From Venice Beach to Beverly Hills and East LA, every corner has its own flavor and own story to tell. The City of Angels has been the backdrop for movies and TV shows, generating legends that have gone on to shape lives across America.

During its long history, the city has been at the center of some of Hollywood's biggest productions. Whenever a Hollywood actor moves into a neighborhood, he or she brings with it a flood of tourists and restaurant openings. It's difficult to say how many famous people have lived in LA, but you can be sure that each one left his or her mark in some part of town.

The place is also the setting for popular movies and TV shows. But if you want to get away from all that hype, LA is overflowing with hidden gems that don't garner much attention. You don't even have to leave the city to find some of them, as they're just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and the beach.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is the perfect place for outdoor lovers. With over seven miles of trails that curve in and out of canyons, there's bound to be something for everyone. If you're itching to hit the slopes, take a trip to Mountain High Ski Resort for endless hours of excitement. The surrounding area is also home to a number of celebrity mansions – celebrities like Will Smith and Rihanna have made it their home base.

If you're looking for a place to eat or drink, Hollywood might not be the place for you. But if you're itching to check out a new restaurant that's been buzzed about, there are a few hidden gems around town that offer culinary delights from all over the world. The Organic Grill in West Hollywood is an interesting spot serving up burgers and organic veggie dishes. If that doesn't satisfy your taste buds, consider Selma restaurant in Brentwood Village – they have an interesting list of exotic dishes and international seafood.

Hollywood Sign

There are plenty of places where visitors can enjoy a cocktail or two before hitting the clubs on the weekends. You'll find bars all over town, be it for a serious drink or just to sit back and watch the scene from inside a cozy, dimly lit room. For a more relaxed experience when you're not in the mood to dance, try The Tommy at Downtown's Little Tokyo. Here you can sip on cocktails while chatting with friends and checking out the scene.

There are plenty of great restaurants in LA that you shouldn't miss out on. You can never go wrong with a casual Japanese eatery like Fish Market near Sawtelle. Or you can check out the Mediterranean district for a truly unique dining experience. If you're a fan of Indian cuisine, try Bollywood Grill in Downtown's Little Tokyo. It's a great spot serving up tasty dishes and impressive margaritas.

While LA might look like an impossible city full of lights, it does offer something for everyone. From old-world charm to hipster vibes and glitzy nightlife to art galleries, there's plenty to do at this incredible metropolis.

Here's a list of things to do in Los Angeles during your stay:
  • Visit Hollywood and take a stroll around the famous Walk of Fame . One of the most visited landmarks in the city, it's a must-see for any visitor. Grab a bite to eat at the legendary landmark's famous restaurant, Musso & Frank Grill .

Santa Monica Pier

  • Visit Santa Monica Pier and stroll along its sand beach . It might be crowded during weekends, but you can catch an hour or so on your own if you're eager to enjoy nature. Watch out for sea lions when they come out to play!
  • Head over to Olvera Street and take a stroll through the oldest part of Los Angeles. It's popular among tourists for its history, but it's also a great place for shopping and trying out delicious food.
  • Get away from the City of Angels and go hiking in Malibu . You'll be able to relax while taking in the beautiful views of ocean-side mountains that make this area so special. If you're in the mood for a change of pace, try going on a scenic drive
  • Go to Venice and check out this fine example of California beach life. What makes this place different from other Los Angeles areas is that it allows its visitors to enjoy nature without having another car careen by. You also have the chance to see a lot of celebrity mansions. If you're into Hollywood history, make sure to check out The Gamble House, the famous site of Marilyn Monroe
  • Join a walking tour and learn all about Los Angeles's rich history . With over 120 years under its belt, Los Angeles has seen an impressive number of changes over time.
  • Visit the Griffith Park and hike one of the many trails . The best part? You'll be able to see all kinds of landmarks while you're at it.

Little Tokyo for Foodies

  • Sample a variety of flavors from all over the world with a visit to LA's Little Tokyo . It's not only popular among tourists, but also home to a lot of restaurants that serve up delicious food.
  • It's not only popular among tourists, but also home to a lot of restaurants that serve up delicious food Take tours in California Wine Country. Visitors can experience LA's unique blend of urban and nature, along with the beauty of the landscape.
  • Stop by El Matador State Beach to enjoy some time at one of California's most popular beaches. It'll be hard not to notice that it reminds visitors a lot of Hawaii in terms of sand, surf, and landscape
  • Go horseback riding in Malibu . Yes, the area is very crowded during the day, but it's still a great time to enjoy nature away from the city.

Matador State Beach

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