Visit Vienna

If you are looking for a great European city in which to take a holiday, then Vienna is the place to go. The Austrian capital can be found in the heart of Europe and is one of the most consistently liveable cities on earth, with lots to do for both tourists and locals alike.

Vienna offers plenty of tourist attractions such as museums, churches and art galleries, as well as thriving nightlife opportunities if you don't want to go out before 9pm! Vienna has an extensive public transport system that includes buses, trams, ferries or even cable cars if you're feeling adventurous. The public transport system also offers discounts to tourists, so you won't have to worry about paying extra.


When is the best time to visit Vienna?

The best time to visit Vienna is from early March until at least the end of September. In March temperatures are low and it's pleasantly warm and not too hot in the summer months either. The best time to visit is also unlikely to be affected by the weather, as there are many events throughout the year that bring people to Vienna. August is a popular month for tourists looking for things to do in Vienna, with both festivals and other fun events that will bring thousands of party goers into the famous city. If you're planning on visiting Vienna in August then make sure you book your accommodation as early as possible.

Naschmarkt, Vienna

Vienna is also known for its large number of cafes and restaurants, as well as an established food market that specialises in fish and produce from throughout the world. If you want to eat locally, then visiting the Naschmarkt or going out for a traditional Austrian meal is highly recommended. These markets are also home to many of the best stalls selling chocolate covered almonds and hand made socks! The Vienna food markets are open every day until around 8pm and some stalls also offer hot food at night if you're feeling peckish or just want something warm to eat after a long day sightseeing.

Vienna's cuisine is one of its most famous exports and the city attracts many tourists to sample the food and drink of Austria. The food culture in Vienna is known for its cheese, fish and sausages, with coffee plentiful throughout the summer months. The city also has a large number of restaurants serving traditional Austrian dishes, so if you're feeling adventurous there are plenty of options available. If you're looking for somewhere a little more casual then there are plenty of traditional Viennese cafes serving hand made cakes or schnitzel along with hot drinks.

Vienna is also home to many traditional and historic pubs where you can enjoy a drink and meet other locals during the day. Whether you want to grab a hot drink and soak up the atmosphere in one of these places, or join locals for a beer at one of the city's many traditional pubs, Vienna is always great fun!

Belvedere, Vienna

The city is also renowned for its architecture, and there are many stunning buildings to visit in Vienna. When it comes to architecture, the city has a very distinctive look: it has a mixture of ancient historical parts with baroque bridges and buildings. The architecture reflects Christian values as well as an appreciation of classical arts from the Renaissance.

Shopping in Vienna

Shopping is also a major part of the experience, with many unique items available only to buy here. In addition, there are plenty of shops to visit that focus on just one type of item (such as designer outlets near the Naschmarkt) or general stores that sell a variety of goods from clothes to cosmetics.

It's also possible to take an extended shopping tour around Vienna for those that want a more structured look around the city's shops. Vienna is home to a wide range of specialist shops, such as those selling cameras and sporting equipment or computers and electronics.

nightlife in vienna is very vibrant, and there are many different options available for tourists looking to enjoy the nightlife in the Austrian capital. In addition to going out and enjoying a bar with friends, tourists can also go clubbing at one of the numerous nightclubs in Vienna or visit one of the many cocktail bars that are available throughout the city.

Schönbrunn Palace

Parks in Vienna are also an important part of the city and there are plenty of beautiful parks where you can relax and enjoy nature. Some of the most famous parks in Vienna include Josef Park and Schönbrunn, which are both popular tourist attractions. If you want to stay in at night, then the city also offers some of the best entertainment options throughout Europe. There are many theatres and concert halls that you can visit, as well as comedy clubs if you're looking for something a little more lighthearted.

We’ve put together this list of Vienna must-sees for you to get an idea what kind of things you can do while in town:

1. Explore the Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum) where you will find everything from dinosaur skeletons to natural wonders in their original habitats such as a coral reef or rainforest.

2. Go art and art history shopping at the many inspiration galleries, museums and St. Stephens’ Cathedral.

3. Take advantage of free public transportation and explore the city by bike or on foot. If you spend a night in Vienna you can even take a canal boat tour with the probably most beautiful gondolas in all of Europe!

4. Visit the “Golden Roof” at Schonbrunn Palace where you can learn about Austrian history through fascinating stories, sculpture and paintings that are surrounding you throughout your visit. [the set-up allows to see the whole castle]

5. Go on a guided tour through the imperial rooms at Hofburg Palace where you will meet famous historical figures and discover the rich history of the Habsburgs.

6. Admire the architecture and beauty of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, one of Europe’s largest cathedrals, which is located next to the Vienna State Opera house. The first Emperor of Austria once said about this cathedral: “I have built a church for my people which is as beautiful as a temple and god himself can do nothing more grandiose.”

7. Visit Prater Park where you will find a zoo, amusement park and several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a nice meal or drink while enjoying the beautiful view of the Danube River.

8. Enjoy some shopping at Mariahilfer Straße, Graben or Hoher Markt where you can find everything from international luxury brands to local designers’ shops.

9. Sample traditional Austrian food in one of the many Wiener Cafes. The Viennese are famous for their wurstel, a type of small snack made of bread and meat that you can find at every Austrian street corner.

10. Take a canal boat tour down the Danube River where you’ll see Vienna from another perspective as you pass by many beautiful sights along the river such as the city hall, Parliament or the Belvedere Palace.

11. See what it’s like to be an emperor when you visit Schönbrunn Palace where you will have guided tours through the magnificent rooms that belonged to Prince Eugene of Savoy, Maria Theresa or even Napoleon Bonaparte.

12. Enjoy the most amazing view over Vienna from the Palm House in Schönbrunn, one of Europe’s largest palaces and parks.

13. Check out the changing of the guards at Schönbrunn Palace as they present their most famous attraction, the Imperial Horses. A must-see for any visitor!

14. Take a tour through the Spanish Riding School and watch some of Vienna’s best horse riders in action! This is a great treat for any animal lover or just to see what it takes to be one of Europe’s highest ranked and best looking horse riders.

15. Have a walk in the Volksgarten where you will find a famous monument for children and families called “Kunst vom Kinde Zukunft” that shows all the things future generations will do as well as many other beautiful sculptures.

16. Drink one of Austria’s most renown beers at Heuriger Restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Viennese food and drinks while listening to local bands or watching some of Vienna’s best musicians play their instruments live on stage!